Your Training

Your Training


Leman Languages offers customised training designed exclusively for you. Together, we will define the timing, duration and frequency of your classes. Thanks to this exclusive service, you receive training in your workplace, either in groups or in private sessions.
The training will be oriented to match your business needs and your industry.

Our Method

At Leman Languages, we offer language coaching. This approach, devised based on our experience of working within companies, is fundamentally different from standard language courses because you are the focus of the training. We support you throughout your linguistic progress and assist you in the use of your newly acquired skills.

To ensure that you make actual progress, we have also developed fun and innovative teaching tools. These include multimedia aids such as videos related to your industry, podcasts and  applications (apps) . In addition, we offer you a lexicon created exclusively for you, with a vocabulary specific to your business and your industry. 


Our portfolio is an innovative and exclusive product designed entirely to suit your language needs. It is related to your business, its products and its context. It contains the following items:

  • A lexicon
  • A press review
  • A video collection

The portfolio anchors language learning in the reality of your business. It contextualises and highlights the learning of the target language.

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